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    We perform following types of audit:

    – Audit of financial statements

    An audit of financial statements is a systematic process of collecting evidence and objective assessment of whether the financial statements comply with IAS, the International Financial Reporting Standards and the Croatian Financial Reporting Standards. The procedures enable the auditor to express a reasonable assurance that the financial statements give, in all material respects, accurate and true picture of the financial position of the company they are auditing. An audit of financial statements includes the audit of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity and notes relating to this report.

    – Audit of share capital increase

    Audit of share capital increase is performed under the obligations of the Companies Act to increase the share capital of the company shares in things or rights and the share capital increase from company funds (reserves and retained earnings). The decision to increase the share capital can not be made before the auditor examines the latest annual financial reports and approves them.

    – Foundation Audit

    Foundation audit is a procedure that is performed under the obligations of the Companies Act for the establishment of a company entering the property or rights. When the audit is completed, the auditor determines whether the value of investments and acquisitions of assets and rights equals the share capital amount.

    – Audit of EU projects

    Audit of EU projects is the process of verification of costs resulting from the projects grant-awarded by the pre-accession and structural funds of the EU. Upon completion of such a project, it is necessary to carry out it’s audit and submit the audit report to the contracting authority, together with the final report of the project. The auditor confirms that all expenditure incurred on the project is eligible, foreseen in the budget of the project and complies with EU criteria on the eligibility of costs. Audit of EU projects requires excellent knowledge of the regulations and guidelines of the EU, as well as experience in it’s implementation.